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Why You Should Hire Crowdfunding Experts?

You have a great idea for a new and desired product. Great! You have decided to launch your Kickstarter campaign and you expect success. That’s also great! However, if you think you can do this on your own, you might be wrong. The crowdfunding workload is certainly more than you expect, plus you have to invest a great deal of time in the development of your project. That is why you should at least consider researching the best ways to find good and experienced crowdfunding consultants.

Contrary to popular belief, crowdfunding experts are really affordable to hire and they can fully manage your crowdfunding campaign. You can also get a crowdfunding expert to manage only a portion of your campaign, for example, video production, advertising, Kickstarter landing page design and so on. But in reality, it’s better to get an expert that will help you with everything. So, let’s see what are the reasons behind this.

Saving Money

It may sound surprising, but by hiring Kickstarter consultants, you can actually save money. Crowdfunding agencies, for example, offer reduced fees, including startup fees, markups and commission overlaps, hourly expenses and so on. Also, crowdfunding consultants and agencies almost always offer a package deal that has no extra costs. For one price, they will offer many other services such as tech pre-launch, Facebook posts, newsletters and many more with zero extra fees. They can also help you set up your website, landing pages, account optimization, copy-writing and other necessary content for your successful Kickstarter campaign. Plus, they often offer volume discounts and you will certainly avoid any scams that can cost you a lot.

Saving Time

Not only will hiring Kickstarter consultants save you money, but you will manage to save an abundance of time. If you hire a crowdfunding manager, for example, you will save tons of time spent on advertising, communication, management and so on. They can be in charge of your graphic design and social media accounts and make sure you are advertised across platforms in the best way possible. Also, they will take care of the communication with backers and assist creators by addressing Kickstarter, Facebook, emails and press comments, which leaves you enough time to invest in your project and product. Plus, Kickstarter experts will make sure that you focus on achieving the best quality product, with the lowest cost and quickest delivery.

They Can Help You Raise More Money

In order to raise enough money on your campaign, you could use some help that Kickstarter consulting can offer. This often includes management of your crowdfunding data, including increased ROI and reduced costs, by analyzing backer demographics, data, crowdfunding target audience and more. Also, they can help you reduce any risks and can perform an asset audit – they offer images and videos for your campaign, content type and duration of your campaign content as well as advice where you should invest money and where it could be a potential waste of money. Plus, if you’re a beginner, crowdfunding consultants will help you avoid any rookie mistakes by leveraging tips, secrets and expert advice from already launched Kickstarter campaigns. What is more, they will help you optimize your campaign and accurately track any tricky conversions with custom conversion processes that greatly differ from traditional e-commerce campaigns.

Creation of Long Term Strategies

In order to be successful and develop your product through a Kickstarter campaign, you will need a good long-term strategy. Kickstarter consulting experts can greatly help you with this. They can help with increased funding and quality that come at lower costs and they can help you see the bigger picture. Also, they will guide you on the right path of creating a strong brand with their holistic approach and macro strategies. Plus, with such elaborate long-term strategies, you will never have to guess your next step in your action plan. You can simply follow their optimized and systematic strategy and process for each phase of your campaign. Lastly, they will show you how to follow trends and use them to leverage audiences and raise more funds.

Kickstarter Requirements

Crowdfunding campaigns are almost impossible to manage alone. The work that needs to be done is big and heavy before the launch, there are also tedious but critical daily and weekly tasks, you will need a specialist’s skillset for asset production and you need a great deal of expertise to maximize your funding ROI. That is why it’s always best to have someone that will help you with the workload and provide expert advice, as crowdfunding consultants can. So, let’s see what are Kickstarter’ requirements that put heavy into the heavy workload for a campaign.

Pre-Launch: at this stage, you will have to build a pre-launch email list, develop your website, produce crowdfunding videos of your product, as well as photos, do some copy-editing, page design and set up accounts.

Daily Jobs: you will have work to do every day on your campaign, and some of the daily jobs will include posting to social media, answering comments on Kickstarter, manage email communication, optimize your advertisements, monitor analytics, update perk quantities, respond to backers and so on.

Weekly Tasks: besides the daily tasks, you will have to do some work that is based on weeks. For example, you should post regular weekly updates to backers on Kickstarter, optimize your crowdfunding page for analytics, send out marketing emails, create new photos for advertising, manage media promotions, etc.

Monthly Duties: on a monthly basis, you will have to request the crowdfunding platform promotions, introduce stretch goals, produce product manufacturing and fulfillment updates, extend campaign duration if needed, among many other things.

Post-Funding: when you have gathered your funding and reached all your goals, there are still things to be done. You should create post-Kickstarter pre-order websites, send surveys to backers, post regular manufacturing updates, design packaging, organize fulfillment lists, source retail opportunities and so on.

As you can see, the workload is big and heavy and don’t think you can do everything on your own. It is best if you rely on Kickstarter consultants that can only help you reach your goals right on time and lead a successful Kickstarter campaign.