What is a Kickstarter backer

What is a Kickstarter backer?

Kickstarter backer is just one of the many terms you should be familiar with if you are researching Kickstarter as a funding platform for your project. You probably already know all the advantages of using Kickstarter. It’s free, that is, up until your campaign reaches fully funded project status and this is when Kickstarter collects a 5% fee (plus a 3% payment processing fee). Still sounds awesome, right? You also get to keep 100% ownership of your work. That’s kind of expected, otherwise nobody would consider it. It also gives you an extremely valuable insight into the demand, marketing, and financial aspect needed to launch your product once your campaign is done.

And all this is made possible with Kickstarter backers. They are your ‘customers’ on Kickstarter.

What is a backer?

Backers are people who pledge their money when they see a project worth investing in. They are the ones that you need to appeal to, i.e. your campaign needs to be appealing to. Kickstarter backers are usually younger and more educated people than the ones you find on Indiegogo. Even though this difference is low in percentage, it offers as a valuable insight into the profile of people reviewing your project and considering pledging their money. Being a backer can sometimes even be a celebrity-like status as Kickstarter crowns people Superbacker if they backed at least 25 projects in the last year.

Where do backers come from?

The usual place everyone’s campaign starts is family and friends. And this is normal. Your initial backers will be your sister, your mother’s sister, your best friend and a colleague from work that you say hi to in the elevator once a day. If your Kickstarter landing page is good enough, your backers will be other people who browse Kickstarter looking for interesting projects. Also, working actively on your campaign, i.e. promoting it across social media platforms, may even bring in people who have never been on Kickstarter.

What do backers get in return?

Since Kickstarter’s policy states that their platform can’t be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans, backers can get two things in return – a reward which is most often the product itself that’s to get funded or a gift or just a general feeling of being part of a project coming to life. People who see the potential in your product, who feel that your product is going to fill a gap in the market feel immensely satisfied when your project succeeds.

How to reward your Kickstarter backers?

You have to honor your backers’ support, like it or not. There are several ways you can do it. You can set up a reward program based on the amount they pledged. You can also send them gifts! One of the popular ones are mixtapes. Yes, you read that correctly. Make them feel like they are a part of Stranger Things cast. Make them feel nostalgic. There’s even a discussion on Quora that can give you some unique ideas for your backers.

If you feel lost in the vastness of Kickstarter rules and terminology you can’t wrap your head around, give our Kickstarter agency a go. Let us set up your campaign for you and we’ll help your project thrive.


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