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How successful are Kickstarter video games?

The matter of Kickstarter video games has been a topic of debate ever since Kickstarter first became operational. There were always those who believed that the video games are something that will never work well on Kickstarter. Their opposition, of course, consisted of those who were convinced that video games can work just as well as any other project.

As it has been nearly a decade since Kickstarter started working, maybe now we can get an answer to whether or not games can actually come to life on this platform.

Kickstarter video games

In the beginning, when Kickstarter first appeared, people focused on different projects. Back then, video games were not as popular, and even though there were many attempts, it was still too early for them.

It took a couple of years, but video games on Kickstarter finally got their chance and found their audience. They received their own category on Kickstarter, and entered what some would call a “golden age”. 2012 and 2013 were the best years for Kickstarter video games to date, and this is the period when many big names first appeared.

Then came 2014, which wasn’t the best year for this type of projects. Some of the most anticipated blockbusters failed this year, and backers’ trust in video games wavered. Next year, 2015, managed to bring video games back on their feet somewhat. However, the year after that saw a pretty big decline in both money as well as the number of successful projects.

Many believe that this is where the Kickstarter video game rush actually ended. The trend has passed, and those who decided to remain were the people who were truly passionate about bringing these games to life.

The future of Kickstarter video games

Ever since that massive decline in video games’ popularity, people have been wondering if games actually have a future on Kickstarter. The next year, 2017, noticed a significant increase in the amount of money, number of backers, as well as the number of successful projects.

So, what might the future hold for these games?

There are those, like Kickstarter’s Luke Crane, who believe that these things are cyclical. There is always a possibility that video games will bounce back. However, they will probably never return to their former glory. Still, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many see the current situation as a much-needed stabilization for these projects.

From this perspective, the gold rush that surrounded video games in 2012 and 2013 seems to be a popularity thing. This is something that comes and goes in every field in and out of Kickstarter. Every decline since then was just an attempt to stabilize this field. Kickstarter has changed, but video games can still very much succeed on this platform.


Like any other type of project, Kickstarter video games have had their ups and downs on this platform. They have come a long way from being barely recognized to getting their own category, having a golden age, and now – finally stabilizing on Kickstarter.

This category may have changed and matured over the years, but it is far from being dead and unsuccessful.

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