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Successful Kickstarter Tech Projects (Raised Over $1 Million )

Kickstarter is a marvelous platform, as you all know, for raising funds for all kinds of projects and ideas. However, Kickstarter tech projects have seen a glamorous boom in the past few years, since there are many new inventions and technological advances. Many of the Kickstarter campaigns even managed to raise over $1 million so, let’s see those lucky but brilliant Kickstarter technology projects that changed our everyday lives.

Blink – raised $1.069 million (by 6,879 backers)

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System brought much more security into our homes and offices with its advanced technology. It has a motion detector, battery powered smart home security camera system, advanced surveillance and free cloud storage. And before it became available on Amazon for $229.99 it was a successful Kickstarter tech project.

Blink kickstarter tech project

Meater – raised $1.251 million (by 9,737 backers)

Before the MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer became available on Amazon for only $69, it started off as a Kickstarter campaign. What was so popular about this project is that it is a fully functioning wireless meat thermometer which helps you cook that perfect steak or chicken. Not to mention that it is the first of its kind.

meater kickstarter tech project

NEEO – raised $1.558 million (by 6,081 backers)

NEEO Smart Home Remote and Hub is a smart home system that has a “brain” and its remote. It easily connects all of the smart devices in your home, as well as your entertainment systems into one central hub. It is available on Amazon for $369.

kickstarter tech project neeo

Cubetto – raised $1.596 million (by 6,553 backers)

This ingenious Primo Toys Cubetto Playset Coding Toy is available on Amazon for $224. It is a fun coding toy for kids aged three and up, and it introduces your younglings into the world of coding. It combines Montessori learning principles with computer programming and it is certainly a great investment if you want to teach your child how to think like a real programmer from a young age.

cubetto kickstarter tech project

Vi – raised $1.688 million (by 7,257 backers)

With the love for a healthier life and need to be more fit it is no wonder that this Kickstarter tech project raised good money. Vi Personal Trainer is an AI personal trainer that is inside your earphones, guiding you through effective workouts. What is even better, these workouts are made just for you and your body. Vi is available on Amazon for $149.

Vi Personal Trainer kickstarter

Nuraphone – raised $1.804 million (by 7,730 backers)

We live in a world filled with various types of headphones, but the Nuraphone Wireless Headphones are unique. They use special technology that adapts your hearing and with each use it creates a customized experience for each user. It is available on Amazon for $399.

Nuraphone Wireless Headphones kickstarter tech

Oculus Rift – raised $2.437 million (by 9,522 backers)

VR technology has been a great success in the past few years and Oculus Rift certainly is one of the most famous and successful ones. This Touch Virtual Reality System is now owned by Facebook and it started as an ordinary Kickstarter tech project. It is one of the best VR headsets which is designed for a sincerely immersive gaming experience. Available on Amazon for $399.

Oculus Rift VR technology on Kickstarter

Ticwatch S&E – raised $3.2 million (by 19,251 backers)

There are two Ticwatch series: S (sport) and E (express) and they are optimized for your active lifestyle. What makes them so great is that they have a built-in GPS, they are compatible with a third-party fitness app and they are IP67 water and dust resistant. What more can you want from a watch! The E series is available on Amazon for $129.99 and the S for $199.99.

Ticwatch kickstarter tech projects

These are only some of the projects from Kickstarter’s tech category that raised over $1 million. There are plenty more fun gadgets you can find there and most of them are available on Amazon after their crowdfunding campaign for affordable prices.

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