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Kickstarter Campaign Tool Must-Haves

If you’re developing a new product and looking into crowdfunding, the best way to reach that goal is through Kickstarter. However, you can’t just set it up and wait for a miracle to happen. Instead, you have to be fully equipped with the needed tools if you wish to successfully crowdfund your project. To help you with that, we have come up with a short list of must-have crowdfunding tools.

Kicktraq and BiggerCake

Kicktraq is one of the best Kickstarter tools and is essentially like Google Analytics, but for Kickstarter projects. It’s available through their website and as a Chrome extension. Kicktraq offers to keep track of your campaign by displaying its daily stats including number of backers, amount raised and number of comments. As soon as you add your campaign to the tool and launch it, you can get predictions whether it will reach its target or not. Plus, it can help you understand and keep track of your progress.

Kicktraq Kickstarter statistic tool

Similar to Kicktraq, BiggerCake is another great tool for your Kickstarter campaign, and offers you plenty of options. Besides letting you follow and analyze the revenue from backers and rewards, it offers community and popularity ranking analysis and all-time ranking. It also offers a much smarter prediction and it keeps you in the loop with personalized alerts, Chrome extension and a responsive mobile website.

Kickstarter statistics with Biggercake

Kickstarter popularity chart


It goes without saying that you will need to use social media platforms in order for your campaign to be seen. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but you will need a bit more help in order to get the results faster. That is why you should use Buffer as one of your main crowdfunding tools. In order to establish a quality relationship with your audience, you can schedule your social media posts. For example, if you’re using Buffer, you can schedule tweets a week in advance and let your followers know what is happening. Plus, Buffer offers advanced analytics to keep track of your tweet metrics.


Kickbooster was launched in 2015 and proved itself to be one of the most useful Kickstarter tools. What is interesting about this tool is that it is the first fully automated referral program for various crowdfunding campaigns. What it actually does is that it rewards affiliates with a certain percentage of the pledges they bring to you.

Kickbooster Kickstarter promotion

Kickbooster Dashboard


Among many other tools, you will need at least one project management app. The best way to go is with Trello, since it is free and offers you plenty of options. With Trello, you can create boards that work better and create a more flexible organization for your tasks. With this tool you can develop your project board and easily personalize it to your needs and your campaign.


If you want followers, clicks and funds, you will need to create captivating and interesting social media posts. In order to create them, you can use a free tool called Canva. It offers a variety of templates for various kinds of posts for social media, newsletters, posters and what not. It will certainly benefit your Kickstarter campaign, but if you wish something more advanced and professional, then you should rely on Photoshop, which is not free, of course.

Using Canva for Kickstarter design


Since you will probably be sending dozens of emails for your campaign, you should make things a bit easier with an email marketing tool. Drip is slightly more advanced than other tools, and it allows you to create automated workflows. Besides letting you send automated emails, Drip also focuses on enhancing your experience and results. However, it is not free, but it is certainly a very useful crowdfunding tool.


In order to fund your project, you need influential people, and there is no better place to find them than through BuzzSumo. With this tool you can find the most popular content on the internet, as well as hundreds of influencers and help spread the word about your campaign and even get funds.

You probably already know that it is not easy raising funds for your project and that you will need to work hard and try everything within your reach and means. However, with these and many more Kickstarter tools, you can heal reach your goal more efficiently.