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How to Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign Through Instagram

We have plenty of social media apps and platforms but Instagram is currently in the lead when it comes to engagement. It is actually one of the top social platforms for influencers, which makes it a must-have tool for your Kickstarter campaign. And even though Facebook ads are another must-have, you should start using Instagram for Kickstarter crowdfunding, because it will get you the needed exposure. So, let’s see how you can completely utilize your Insta profile and reach your target faster.

Link in bio

You probably already know that you cannot add URLs to Instagram posts; you can type them in but they are not clickable and no user will want to manually type it in the browser to get to your campaign. However, Instagram made things easier for users and it allows you to leave your URL in the bio. What is more, they allowed adding links to Instagram Stories. So, you should make sure to use so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

However, there is another obstacle when it comes to embedding links. You have to make sure to use tracking features and the link will work as it should – redirecting to your campaign. Luckily, there are tools that make this easier and you get to monitor the traffic rate. So, when setting up Instagram for kickstarter campaign and when adding links, make sure to use Linkin by Later (builds you a custom landing page that looks like your Insta profile with clickable posts) and Linkkle (provides a common landing for adding social links and campaign URL).

Use hashtags

You’ve probably seen profiles and posts crowded with hashtags which give posts exposure and also make them searchable. So, make those hashtags work for you and your campaign. When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are the most important aspect of engagement and you can add up to 30 of them in a single post. So, create your hashtags or search for the most popular ones in your niche and add them to your posts and even your campaign’s Instagram profile.

Replying to comments

Even if you had set up your profile to the fullest, you can’t get exposure and followers without interaction. In order to boost interaction, you simply need to be present and active. Don’t wait hours to reply to DMs or comments. Rather you should reply as soon as possible. You can even set a daily timer to remind you to respond to comments and any other feedback, and that’s how your followers will know you care. Spend some time to interact and build relationships with people and it will pay off for your Kickstarter campaign.

Instagram Live

More and more people and brands are using live videos to communicate with their followers and users. So, if you start using it, you will get the opportunity to interact with potential backers. The Instagram Live feature is a great place for talking with people about your project and campaign, to get some useful feedback and recommendations while gaining more exposure.

The power of Instagram Stories

Everyone shares Insta stories and everyone browses through them. Plus, as we mentioned before, the Stories let you share links. With all that in regard, Instagram Stories are a perfect place for sharing your campaign. Additionally, they are great for communicating with your backers, they are great for building a brand, you can use the almighty hashtags there, add funny GIFs and many other things that come to your mind. Basically, if you’re using Instagram for Kickstarter campaigns like this, you are bound to increase engagement and add more credibility to your campaign.

The key to successfully using Instagram for Kickstarter is to have a balanced profile. This means that you should have clear pictures of your products, share stories, use hashtags and simply be present on your profile. With all that done, you will build a solid brand and gain credibility, which only results in more backers and reaching closer to your goal.

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