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How to promote a Kickstarter campaign on Social Media

One of the most important parts of your Kickstarter campaign, or maybe even THE most important one, is its promotion. You need to know how to promote a Kickstarter campaign, but also when and where to start doing it.

There are various options that you can choose from here. However, according to both Kickstarter statistics, as well as the advice that other successful campaign owners have shared, the best way to go is to take advantage of social media.


Kickstarter on social media

Using social media for your campaign has a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits can be obvious right from the start, while others can show themselves much later down the road.

Ever since its popularity grew and conquered the internet, social media has been an amazing way to gather people and share ideas. This is an excellent opportunity for you to start promoting your project, and to familiarize others with what you wish to accomplish.

Naturally, this is a process that takes time. Because of that, you should start doing it months before your Kickstarter campaign actually goes live. That way, you can make sure that you already have an entire fanbase when your actual campaign begins. If you use this opportunity to explain your product, as well as familiarize your fan base with what Kickstarter is, you can already have at least some of your future backers right there.

Of course, the way you will go about promoting your Kickstarter on social media largely depends on the nature of the social network that you choose. You need to know how to promote a Kickstarter campaign on each platform that you wish to use.


What is the best way to use social media?

There are different methods and strategies that you can use for each of the social media networks. Still, your end result is the same – you wish to inform people about your product and to reach as many of them as you can. The more people you reach, the more of them will become interested in what you have to offer. This process will eventually lead to the snowball effect, and your fan base will rapidly grow.



The best way for you to start on Facebook is to create a page where you will show and explain your product. This is a good start, and you can use this page to regularly inform people of your project. Tell them of your ups and downs and the obstacles you are overcoming to get your product in working order, and engage with your fans as often as you can. You can also use Facebook ads to promote your page and reach even more people. Just keep in mind that this is a paid promotion.

how to promote a kickstarter campaign on facebook



Twitter is also one of the most commonly used networks, and it is great for spreading information. While Facebook is better at displaying your product and explaining what it is all about, Twitter is the place that most people use to truly connect with their followers. You can use its hash-tags to spread the word and make important connections. This goes for both followers, as well as for other types of media like magazines, that use Twitter for more efficient communication.

Of course, there are other social networks that you can use, like Instagram, for example. However, most campaign owners tend to stick to Twitter and Facebook, since those two are the best for achieving their goal.

how to promote a kickstarter campaign on twitter

How to promote a Kickstarter campaign?

Now that we have covered where and when to promote your Kickstarter on social media, the biggest question that remains is how to actually do it.

We have already mentioned the ads on Facebook that you can use. Apart from that, the most important thing to do is to engage your audience. You should post relatively often, about 2-4 times per day. However, the nature of those posts is what you should be careful about.

Simply posting CTA’s (Call To Action) won’t get you very far on its own. More often than not, it is salesly and it won’t allow people to connect to your project. Instead, post stories about it, explain why you are doing what you are doing. You can (and should) even tell stories about your progress and also problems that you are facing.

Always do your best to be as simple as possible about your campaign, and be clear about what you want. You don’t want to be salesly, but you still need your backers’ money and attention. Next, if you are posting pictures and/or videos, make sure to use good quality equipment, which will produce great and engaging visuals. And, of course, always provide a link to your website. That way, those who become interested in your project can find out even more about it.

Other than that, remember to talk to your fans and followers, answer their comments, and ask for their opinion. More often than not, depending on the nature of your product, you might get a new idea after hearing what your fans have to say. Also, by talking to them and embracing their impressions, you will show them that your relationship with them is a two-way street.

You can even do live streams where you can answer their questions and review their suggestions directly. This is ultimately the best way to promote your Kickstarter on social media.

how to promote a kickstarter campaign



Using social media is a vital part of your campaign’s promotion. However, in order to achieve the best effect, you need to know how to best utilize Kickstarter promotion services offered by Kickstarter marketing companies.

Both Facebook and Twitter have their strengths and weaknesses, and knowing how to use them in the most efficient way will achieve the best possible results. Also, never forget that your fans and future backers aren’t just there for you to collect them. You must keep them interested, and in doing so, ensure that they will stay, and even help spread the word.

If you do that and make them feel like they matter, you will ensure your campaign’s success, and your project will come to life before you know it.


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