How to Make a Kickstarter Video? 6 Tips To Get You Started

Kickstarter video tips and tricks

How to Make a Kickstarter Video? 6 Tips To Get You Started

Kickstarter has become one of the best and primary places to fund an independent creative project. The beauty of this crowdfunding platform is that gives every independent project, as well as artists and entrepreneurs, an opportunity to be seen and successful. Plus, it gives the project potential audience, customers and clients and it also gives an opportunity to all these people to fund projects that they want to see happen and become big. However, besides other elements of a successful Kickstarter campaign, you, as an artist or entrepreneur, have to get on Kickstarter video production as well and really make it good. So, here is how to make a Kickstarter video for your campaign.

1) How Long Should a Kickstarter Video Be?

Let’s cover the most important aspect here – how long should your Kickstarter video be? Of course, you want to fit in as many important details and info about your product in your video, but you can’t make it an hour long. That is actually good because you have to remember that not everyone is going to sit for a long video and watch it through. Even 5 minutes of a video is sometimes long and you need to cut it down. Think about 2 to 3 minutes tops for your crowdfunding video and make it clear and concise. Otherwise, people will just give up halfway through without getting to know your product and idea better.

2) Be Genuine

One of the best Kickstarter video tips is probably to be genuine. Your video is probably the only chance to have a “face-to-face” interaction with your audience, so be yourself. Your project could be great, imaginative and useful, but if you show even a little bit of incompetence, arrogance or dishonesty, your backers will have a difficult time backing your project and connecting with you. So, remember that your tone is very important and take your target audience in consideration. According to that information, you should figure out how you want the project to be viewed and represented and create a video with a Kickstarter video creator and editor in accordance. Also, don’t forget to stay true to your project. For example, if you want to make a comedy series – be funny! If you want to put a new product into production – make sure to convince people how it works and that it actually has a purpose.

3) Cover the Basics

Every Kickstarter video production has its form and elements that need to be included. So, according to Kickstarter, every campaign video should cover 6 essential topics, including:

1) Tell the viewers the story behind your project.
2) Tell them who you are.
3) Be forward and ask people for their support and explain why you need it. Also, tell them what you’re going to do with the money.
4) Talk about your rewards and how awesome they are. You can even use any images you have.
5) Explain that if you don’t reach your goal that you will get nothing and that everyone will be sad.
6) Make sure to thank everyone!

These six simple points are what is going to make your crowdfunding video successful. And if you manage to do this within 3 minutes, that’s going to be an even bigger bonus.

4) Keep it Legal

When making your Kickstarter video, you have to make sure you are not violating any copyright laws, no matter if your project is personal or a business venture. This goes for everything in your video – copyrighted music, images, the video itself and even logos on your computer or phone. So, if you want to make sure your crowdfunding video production is totally legal, you should check out sites with royalty-free content, such as iStockPhoto, SoundCloud, Vimeo Music Store, Free Music Archive and so on.

5) Make It Emotional

This includes every emotion – happy, sad, angry, empowering and funny. A video is an incredibly powerful tool because it has the ability to emotionally connect with the people watching it. And this is certainly something you want! So, take an advice from some of the most popular videos that play on our emotions and engage your audience in such a way. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring out a feeling in your audience. However, depending on your campaign, you will want to focus on different emotions. You can even put together a video that targets different emotions with each segment. You should start by thinking about what emotions you want your viewers to have while watching your video. If it’s a funny video, make them laugh. If it’s something sad, make them feel that and so on. Simply, think about them and how you want them to feel when watching your video which will further inspire them to invest in your product.

6) Production Tips

If your script is great and you figured out all of these details before you started shooting the video, it’s time you know something about the quality fo the video. If you decided to use your iPhone for shooting, make sure to set it up to the highest resolution. However, don’t rely on the built-in mic on your phone and upgrade to a quality microphone. Sound quality is the biggest issue in most videos, so this an important part of your production equipment.

Another important aspect is the lighting. Make sure the main light source is in front of your subject. So, the person who is talking in your video should be facing the light source. Also, if you can, use natural light when filming the video because it will look best.

When all that is figured out, make sure you are not shooting the video vertically. This seems like a piece of obvious advice, but if you shoot vertically, you will have two large black bars on the side of your screen. And this is really just a waste of visual space.

Lastly, you don’t want the video to appear shaky or for the pixels to get all mushy and lose quality. This is achievable by using a tripod or a gimbal. They are relatively inexpensive accessories and it will steady your camera and make a huge difference in the quality of your Kickstarter video.

No Kickstarter campaign is complete with a strong video that will represent your product and your idea. So, when starting to plan for a Kickstarter video, take all these tips into consideration and you are bound to have a great video that will draw the funds and loyalty of people.

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