How do I order?

We recommend customers contact us first, we need to evaluate project eligibility before taking on a project. For new customers we offer a one time special discount.

Is it safe?

What we do is grass roots promotion to our large user base (over 1 million), which is totally legitimate. We don’t promote by placing fake backers, using bots, but rather by getting genuine interest from our users. None of the over 500 projects we helped got black-listed by Kickstarter. Many of those projects would never have met their funding goal if they had not used our service.

Do you provide reports?

We provide pre-promotion and after promotion project ranking pictures and links, so customers will be able to see for themselves their project rank improvement and the impact our promotion has on their projects. We maintain a 100% success rate!

How soon will you start the promotion?

We start promotion immediately after the order is received and we accept its eligibility. It normally takes 3 days to rank your project in the Top 20 and Top 12. Expedited service also available to rank your project within a day (+$200).

Can you guarantee more funding and backers?

Similar to Google Ads, when you pay for the service, your product will show up first when people search. But whether a they buy or not isn’t controlled by Google Ads. With our service, we promote your project to the top, so visitors and backers can easily find it and potentially back it.
Projects in the top 20 typically get 5 to 10 times more traffic and pledges!

Do you guarantee top 20 rankings? Refund if not?

We don’t just promote each and every project to the top 20. We evaluate projects for eligibility first. Once we have committed to a project, we guarantee 100% delivery and have never failed, if not, we provide a full refund.

We still didn’t answer on your questions?

Don’t hesitate – contact us!