Case Study: Multi-Fueled Outdoor Pizza Oven by Napoli

On November 11th, Nevaeh Media started a Kickstarter ranking promotion for  the Multi-Fueled Outdoor Pizza Oven by Napoli. By the end of the campaign, total backer count was 755 with a total of $207,267 that was pledged which helped bring this project to life and make it available on the market for purchase.

Ranking promotion started kicking in on November 11th and continued until the end of the campaign

What makes this product so special?

The outdoor oven fueled by gas, charcoal or wood developed by Napoli can be used to cook a Neapolitan style pizza at up to 900 degrees in just 90 seconds! This is what made it appealing to us at Nevaeh Media and we decided to take this project on and help it thrive.


Both the client and we are beyond satisfied with the results that we are sharing them with you.

Backers per day

As soon as the campaign started, it was an immediate success, bringing 146 backers. The campaign continued with a steady pace bringing in an average of 24 backers per day.

Comments per day

Potential backers, as well as the ones who backed the project, showed their interest in the product by commenting on the campaign. This kind of interaction is crucial to the success of a Kickstarter campaign as it shows engagement.

Napoli pizza oven comments per day average was 3. Considering the duration of the campaign, this average illustrates continuous success of a growing and viable campaign.

Pledges per day

Napoli’s oven average pledges per day was $6,686 amounting to current $207,267.

The steady rise of the pledges can also be seen in the Projection Cone from the day when the promotion started.

Napoli campaign Kickstarter ranking

Outdoor Pizza Oven by Napoli campaign showed immense prevalence in comparison with other campaigns as it can be seen from the Kickstarter search page where it is featured in the top list sorted according to popularity.

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