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Detu Max is not just another venture which was formed with a creative and an innovative vision to disrupt the overall market dynamics. It did a lot more than that. It managed to outrun its own projections, and be an example for all those aspiring to reach heights as high as Detu Max. Don’t know what Detu Max did? Let us walk you through!

Raising as many as 105 backers with an average pledge worth of $1805, Detu Max managed to raise enough resources to be able to revolutionize the overall state of affairs for the company. Using our promotion, these budding entrepreneurs were able to raise 947% of what they initially pledged. Let that sink in! 947% of their initial goal. Our promotional tools are tailored to fit these projects specifically, depending on the amount that they require. In all cases, our goal is usually not that of our client, it’s much higher than that. Why? Because we want to return the faith that clients have in us, by rewarding them more than what they want, sometimes as high as 947%!

Consistency, when it comes to pledges, and the ability of buyers to come on board is something quite crucial for the overall success of the process. The timeline below can be used to depict how well pledges and backers are aligned across the course of time, to render consistent pushes to the figure that had to be raised. Moreover, the frequency of comments shows how well our own promotional tools are aligned, to create a whopping stir amidst the community of backers, in order to get as much activity and traction as it deserves.

It’s not just us who had to believe in Detu Max, we wanted our backers to believe in the team as much as we did. The promotional synergy that was formed between Nevaeh Media and Detu max managed to make that happen, which is clearly evident by the fact that 100% of the funds were raised in a time frame of just 10 minutes! Can’t believe it? Try us!

We take our commitment seriously. With vested interests in our clients, we want to bridge the gap between pledgers and ventures as smooth as possible. We want to promote ventures, and our customized and specified tailor made campaigns are meant to facilitate our clients so that they are able to raise the required amount within no time. Therefore, we are here to collaborate, and help new aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and passion. We’ve got it all figured out for our clients, and our results are proof of how well our campaign works towards facilitating these clients! Here’s a little glimpse about the overall progress that was made.

Backers 105
Average Pledge per Backer $1,805
Goal $20,000
Funded (Pledged) $189,513 over 45 days
Target Met 947% of the goal
Average Pledge Per Day $4,211.40 (Spread Across 45 Days)
Amount raised during promotion $92,149
Days of promotion 22
Average Per Day $4,188.59
Amount raised without promotion (excluding first 2 days of campaign) $31,020
Days without promotion 17
Average per Day $1,824.71