amazon listing optimization

The Anatomy of a Good Amazon Listing

When you’ve put up your listing, you might think that it would sell like hot cakes, but did you put your time in to optimize it? If you caught yourself thinking about these questions, you probably didn’t, or you didn’t do it well enough.

There are 6 pillars to any product listing on Amazon and in order to rock the Amazon product listing optimization, let’s see how you can use those pillars and sell your things as fast as you wish.

Product Title

When creating a title for your listing on Amazon you get space for about 50 words and you should utilize them well.

Firstly, you should always keep in mind that you are making your title in order to appeal to humans – so, think like one! Make sure the title is interesting enough for you yourself to click on it.

Then, make sure to include something of added value in your title, like an important element that differentiates your product from the competitors’. This could mean better materials, something about size, quantity, anything that you think is your forte.

Lastly, don’t forget to include priority target keywords. Keywords in titles have a great effect, so make sure to think about them carefully and that they are relevant to your product.

Product Images

You can add up to 9 images, so make sure they are good. Why are they so important? Well, the visual effects have always been appealing to people and when they see that something looks good, they certainly will want to buy it.

So, to make sure your images are looking good use the dimensions of at least 1000X500px. Also, you shouldn’t be stingy about hiring a good photographer for your images so they are hi-res and shot on a plain white background.

Another thing to remember is to take pictures of your product from different angels, so the customer can see the whole deal. And, don’t forget the product packaging and even a few images of your product being used in real life.

Key Product Features

Next on Amazon listing optimization are the features of your product. There is a character limit (1000), so you should be straightforward. Think about your product as a customer, what would you like to see on there?

The top of your list are the most important features since there are people who are not going to read the entire listing. Then, make sure to include guarantees or warranties if you are offering them, just to reassure people. Also, don’t forget to write about the materials your product is made of, their quality, durability and so on. Lastly, if your product can solve some problems, make sure to explain how that works.

Product Listing Description

Once again you will have to bring your best to this part of Amazon product listing optimization because there is a 300-word limit. Here, you are basically elaborating on the previous part of the listing.

However, make sure to stick to shorter sentences; between 15 and 25 words. Furthermore, start with the features and benefits to the customers and only then talk about the product itself. Another thing you will need is the ability to make your buyer believe that it’s your product they need and don’t forget to keep it relatable. To do this, just imagine yourself explaining your friend in a simple language why he needs this product. Lastly, include all the relevant target keywords, but don’t overuse them.

Amazon Product Reviews

Since Amazon has its algorithms, you need to appeal to them as well with this Amazon listing optimization. However, you also need to appeal to your customers. That all basically comes down to customer reviews, organic ones. So, in order to make those better, there are a few things to consider.

You can set up an automated email campaign in order to keep your customers up to date about your products and about the arrival of their products. However, don’t run any promotions through emails, and they will be happy to give you good reviews and feedback.

Another thing to do is to ensure that your product is of great quality, as you stated in your description. To do this, you can easily review samples and invest in quality control. This might require some additional money, but you will maintain that needed and honest customer experience.

Amazon Product Rating

Last but not least, you need your product to be rated well. This is also closely related to your reviews. So, let’s say you are in the 4 to 5 stars world, then this means that your Amazon product listing optimization is working! However, if you need a little something more to get you there you should look through your reviews. Try and find the pattern in the bad ones and make sure to try and fix that issue with your product. You can also resolve this by gathering all the feedback from your customers with automated email campaigns and even react before the bad review has been posted.

Even with all this, you should make sure to have thick skin, because e-commerce can be cruel, and negative comments can creep up on you. However, with making sure your listing is optimized and by following all the instructions, there should be no problems with your listing and you will be selling like hot cakes!

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