5 Worst Kickstarter Ideas…Ever!

Kickstarter is widely known as a very successful platform that allowed funding for many great apps, movies, games, and other products that have helped shape the modern world.

However, it also gave birth to some of the lesser-known campaigns that were not so successful. On occasion, even Kickstarter has a bad, dumb, or unsuccessful idea that fails miserably. This time, we will take a look at some of the worst Kickstarter ideas, and hopefully draw some valuable conclusions.

Worst Kickstarter ideas we found are:


There have probably been many social experiments far worse than this one in the world, but this is one of the most memorable bad campaigns on Kickstarter. A modern adventure lover Charles Ellingson decided to try and fund an adventure where he would drive or fly to every US state and drink a can of Red Bull in it. He also promised that he would mention every backer who helps him achieve this goal, and even write their names on a sticker and put it on a can.

Sadly for him, this project raised only $1 of his $2,500 goal, and the campaign ended as a failure.

See the project here.


2. Little Eatz, the Treat you BOTH Can Eat

Back in 2012, there was a campaign posted by Melissa Little and her husband, who had a plan to expand their business of producing cookies that people can share with their pets. The idea for this business came when they noticed that their pug really likes some of the food that two of them were eating.

Because of that, and while knowing that a lot of food for humans can be dangerous and toxic for pets, they decided to create a tasty, healthy, all-natural vegan snacks. Unfortunately for them, they only managed to raise $251, while their goal was $5,000.

See the project here.


3. Twerk Island a Real Contest Movie

Despite the fact that twerking isn’t exactly a dance trend with the most dignity and grace, at one point, it was still popular enough to inspire a movie. A production company from the Netherlands called Lasaya International wanted to make a movie about a twerking championship.

They even promised a copy of the DVD and an invitation to a premiere for their backers, but unfortunately, only one person was willing to see this project to the end. One of the worst Kickstarter ideas ever (without a doubt) only raised €30 of €1,000,000, which was their ultimate goal.

See the project here.

4. Need to become famous to piss off ex-girlfriends

It can be tough after breaking up with your significant other, but not everyone deals with it in the same way. Scott Shafer, for example, decided that he wants to become rich through his music album and make his ex-girlfriends feel sorry for leaving him. Sadly, he did not receive a single pledge, and instead, his campaign became one of the worst Kickstarter ideas.

See the project here.

5. Money For Nothing

Exactly as it sounds like, this project offers absolutely nothing in return for pledges. Simon Gwynn decided to test out the limits of what people are willing to fund and has proclaimed this very campaign his work of art.

Despite the fact that this campaign is most likely a joke, we still decided to include it in our list. The funny thing is that he actually reached his funding goal of £10, and even exceeded it for £1. Two backers took pity and gave him £11 in total. According to Simon, the very fact that his project succeeded should have caused Kickstarter to “implode in a puff of logic”. Luckily, this has not happened yet.

See the project here.



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